Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Republican National Convention speakers–do they speak from the heart?

I heard Paul Ryan speak at the RNC last night.  Boy, he sounded good.  I would, too, if I had some of the top speech writers in the country putting words in my mouth!  Now, before everyone goes to send me evil e-mail saying that I’m a bleeding heart liberal  (or worse) I know that I will feel the same about Obama and the speakers at the Democratic National Convention next week!

I understand that we’re all about sound bites and that all of the election slogans have been focus group tested until the experts figure out the perfect saying that our little brains will remember.  But I’m thankful that not EVERYONE is that way.

The Last Goodbye Letters project is chugging away slowly.  I don’t have nearly the 1,000 letters I’m hoping to get contributed.  But at least the letters I’m getting are from the heart from real people who don’t worry about focus group testing!

I received a letter recently from a woman who’s father wrote to her while lying in a hospital bed, being treated for heart failure.  It was written in pencil and is a little light, but  full of love.  His daughter tells me that it touches her heart to think of her father all by himself in the sterile hospital room, writing that letter to her in the middle of the night.  He ends the letter saying, “little did I dream…that we would be such great buddies.  …We’ve had more fun together than any dad deserves.”

How’s that for speaking/writing from the heart?  This letter is so important to this woman that she keeps it in her safety deposit box.

If you have such a letter or feel compelled to write one and share it with us, please contact me at  Tell someone you love them today!

ABC-KNXV TV interview call for contributions


Last Goodbye Letters was showcased on the local Phoenix ABC affiliate on August 15.  Pretty exciting way to get the word out about our call for contributions.  Here’s a link to the story–be aware that this link will only be good for 30 days and then they take it down.  (Apparently the content isn’t mine to share beyond that time.  I wouldn’t want to have any copyright infringements!)

OK, OK!  Here’s the link:  I’m hoping you’ll do me a favor anyway:

New tagline?

Happy weekend! I started my weekend last night at dinner with friends. My friend suggested that let people know that the Last Goodbye Letters tagline was too narrow because it mentions ‘children to parents’ when the project has expanded to lots of different kinds of goodbyes. Who wants to give me suggestions for revised taglines? Share this with your friends so I get more suggestions!

The Olympics Inspire–but so do every day people

The Olympics are pretty inspiring, but I’ve gotten some inspiring letters recently as contributions for Last Goodbye Letters.  One of them, from a sister to her brother, inspires us to move on positively.  She says, “With the writing of these words I say goodbye to you. Not goodbye to your memory, but goodbye to the pain of losing the physical you. I love you very, very much.”  Tell your friends to write a letter to a loved one!