I’m happy to report a success!

In my post dated March 14, I reported how my friend felt bad because he kept putting off doing things with friends because ‘there’s always tomorrow,’  and then, sadly, sometimes missed the opportunity.  One such opportunity was to take a dear friend to eat at a favorite restaurant one and-a-half hours from home.  And, guess […]

Radio interview

I truly wish I had this in a complete MP3 version, but unfortunately, all I have is a script with little audio sound bytes within it.  Thought I would share: RADIO INTERVIEW WITH JEFF SCOTT A GILBERT WOMAN’S LETTER TO HER DYING FATHER HAS PROMPTED HER TO ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME.  SUSAN GEER […]

Learn from my friend’s mistakes–he’s trying to!

I have a friend who has told me this story a couple of times: He has older friends that he thinks he’ll take to lunch, or go visit, or do something fun with, but–although his intensions are good–the time to do these things just never seems to materialize.  He told me recently that it makes […]