Five ways you can help us get the word out…

Sigh.  This project needs a jump start.  And you can help!  I’ve thought of five (easy) ways you can help us get the word out about needing some letter contributions.  Let me restate that–we need lots and lots of letter contributions!  Here are my ideas  (if you have more, please share!)

1.  Ask five friends to “like” us on Facebook  (saying ‘pretty please’ might help)

2.  Ask me for a copy of our first press release and then personally send it to a connection you may have at a community newsletter, to another blogger, or even someone at 60 Minutes!

3.  Send in a letter of your own

4.  Visit our website/blog and post a reply to this or another post

5.  Say a prayer for our success!

5 thoughts on “Five ways you can help us get the word out…

  1. I have got 1 idea for your blog site. It seems like there are a handful of cascading stylesheet troubles while opening a number of web pages inside google chrome and firefox. It is working alright in internet explorer. Possibly you can double check this.

    • Hello:

      Thanks for your comment about my site, I am concerned that you tell me that there is a “handful of cascading stylesheet troubles while opening a number of web pages inside Google Chrome and Firefox.” I can kind of figure out what you mean, but not really. I don’t know what a cascading style sheet is. I know that the site is kind of clunky…I would like to figure out how to do tabs for Letters and a tab for the Release Agreement and maybe even a tab for Media Stories (if ever there are any).

      If you can elucidate on the problem, I can try to figure out how to fix it.

      Thanks for taking the time to let me know about the problems.

  2. Your letter sounds amazing–a piece of history with a story of love included. I will contact you to see how we can get the letter. In the meantime, I’ll work on getting a way for others to easily upload a file. Thank you for your patience!

  3. Hello Susan,
    I read your article in today’s paper.I had scand something that i thought you would have interest in (my Father & his Twin were both on Iwo Jima and I have his last letter home) I did a compltet email and then discovered that I could not send those materials to you at the web address.

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