A Letter To Covid-19

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

This website is meant to be uplifting and positive.  There’s been so much COVID-19 news that we didn’t feel the need to add more stress.

We have gotten a few letters written to the emotion of isolation, Coronavirus and COVID-19–some using very colorful language. However, this letter penned by college student, Gabriel Niforatos, came across my desk and I thought it was a good representation of how writing a letter to a state of being if you will, can help shape a positive frame of mind in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

Dear COVID-19,
It is not often we write letters to that which we despise, but you have touched so many spheres of life, impacted so many lives and changed so much that I find I cannot help but write to you. It is an understatement to say it is a chore writing to you. I hate it. It has become a tradition of sorts to write an end of year review for my last column, but anything I wrote would be remiss if it failed to mention you.

Little did I know dinner on Thursday at North Dining Hall with a senior friend was the last time I would see them, that ice cream at Lafun on a Wednesday and studying at Duncan Student Center would be the little moments we would remember as a goodbye. It’s funny. You have me playing and replaying the last few weeks before break to remember who I saw and didn’t see, recalling the breezy goodbyes and niceties we exchanged that would become our final farewell.

Click here to read more of Gabriel’s letter.

We would love to read and possibly publish your letter also.  Are you feeling lonely?  Isolated?  Frustrated?  Scared? Write a goodbye to those emotions to turn over a new leaf in your life.  And remember to submit your letter at the link above!  

Be well.  Be happy.

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