Start Your Letter Writing Process With A Moment Of Mindfulness

I have a success story I thought might inspire during these trying times. About 18 months ago a professional friend shared that he suffers from severe OCD and anxiety. I gave him an easy, entertaining self-help book to read: 10% Percent Happier by Dan Harris. Dan Harris writes from an “everyman’s” perspective so readers can relate to his skepticism about meditation. I’ve given away this book A LOT.

Here’s the success: Last week we spoke and my friend told me the book was “life changing.” This month (during the COVID-19 height of anxiety!) marks the first month he’s been off his anxiety medication which he attributes to the practice of medication and yoga.  He says he has more energy and feels wonderful.

One takeaway–a small gesture on your part (gifting a book) may reap huge benefits that you didn’t expect (no anxiety drugs)! Another takeaway–try meditation!

When we hold letter writing workshops, the first thing we have participants do is to become mindful. Whether it’s through prayer, meditation or simply sitting quietly for a moment, it calms the monkey-mind and helps writers focus. Many people have been writing goodbye letters to their anxieties, bad habits and even to fear.

When you sit down to write such a letter, try starting with a moment of mindfulness.  If you would like some meditation guidance click here for the Ten Percent Happier website.  They offer lots of free guidance on mindfulness.

Please consider sending us your letter so others can read it and gain comfort knowing they are not alone.  Simply click the SUBMIT YOUR LETTER button at the top right of this site.

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