Child Writes Letter To Mother In Hospital With COVID

A father recently wrote in that he watched the video on the Last Goodbye Letters website about how to help a child write a goodbye letter. He said that he coached his two little girls through the process and it worked easily! Both his daughters drew pictures to give to their mother who is in the hospital with COVID. The older daughter also wrote her letter. The father shared Sara’s letter and Lallie’s picture because he said he wanted others to know that it’s a positive way–for child AND parent–to deal with an illness.

Hi, Mommy. I wish you weren’t sick. I wish Lallie and I could come visit you. Daddy says that you will be better soon. I miss you making me meatballs. I miss you telling me to clean up my room. I miss you taking me to Ms. Katie’s for ballet. Sometimes Lallie and I fight. I wish you could tuck me in. I wish I could hug you soon. Daddy is nice. I miss you. So does Bunny. Get better soon. I love you. Love, Sara.


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