Goodbye To A Furry Friend

Pets have a special place in our lives.  They bring so much joy.  When it’s time to say goodbye to your friend, the pain can be unbearable.  This letter came our way from an owner who loved her dog dearly.  She had a unique way of dealing with her grief and guilt of having to euthanize her pet.  She wrote a letter and gave it to the vet to combine it with the dog’s ashes so her love could be with the dog for eternity.    

She told us she got the idea from visiting and clicking on the Workshops & Tutorials tab and downloading the tutorial on 7 Steps For Future Letter Writing.  

Here is the letter to a wonderful dog named Tara:

Dear Tara Girl. I love you so much. I know I tell you all time how much I love you. But I REALLY love you. Everyone thinks their dog is the best dog ever, but I know it’s really you who is the best dog. You are so good for our family. You get dad out to walk and exercise. You keep me company during the day and watch me fold laundry, and you attack the vacuum as I clean house. For Aroos you are a true and constant friend. When our family fights, you step in to keep peace. You are always happy when anyone comes home. You are always happy to go on a walk. You are always happy to sleep near our feet.

Thank you for being the glue that holds our family together through the tough times. You are so wonderful that you never complain about the pain. Even when I see you are hurting, you wag your tail. I wish I had your disposition. I know that God sent you to us. I want you to know that we will see you again when it’s our time to meet you in Heaven. I can’t wait for you to meet us again, one at a time, when it is our time. You will again be our furry friend.

What we have to do tomorrow is so hard. I keep thinking we might be making a mistake. But I know in my heart you are hurting and we love you too much to see you suffer. Please forgive us. Please understand.

Even though I tell you every day how much I love you, I needed to write this to you. That way I can let go of my grief. I’m going to give this letter to the vet so he can put it with you at the end. So you won’t forget us and know we loved you until the end. And beyond.

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