How Do You Say Goodbye To A Dying Friend?

Reverend Walter Albritton

Recently Reverend Walter Albritton wrote an article in the Opelika-Auburn News asking the question that the website strives to  answer: What to say to a person when you know you are saying goodbye forever?  It is so difficult, especially during a very emotionally charged moment, to write a letter to a loved one. A common reaction is to stare at the blank page and become frozen and unable to write a single sentence. In fact, Reverend Albritton says he prays, “Lord, help me know what to say and how to say it helpfully.” Read his entire article about the importance of writing in a timely fashion here: How Do You Say Goodbye To A Dying Friend?

If you need help writing a letter to a loved one, check out the WORKSHOPS & TUTORIALS tab at and scroll down to the handout “7 Steps For Letter Writing.” And if you would like to submit your letter to share with others, please click the SUBMIT YOUR LETTER tab. We thank you for your contribution that may help others in their healing journey.