Reinventing yourself

Wow. I didn’t think of writing a last goodbye letter to your old self as you decide to turn over a new leaf. Read an excerpt from a letter I recently received:

I realize that everyone has their own problems to handle. I can’t expect someone else to take care of me. After months of being more or less frozen in my grief, I decided to reinvent myself. Thus the idea of a last goodbye letter to myself came to mind. The old person that I used to be no longer existed. There had to be a new person that does not live entirely in the past with just memories. I will never be entirely free of sadness and longing for my husband, but life goes on. Sometimes life isn’t all that great, but if you are still here, you have to do something. I do not know what the future holds or if I will be successful in reinventing a new me, but I will give it a real try.

If you feel inspired, write your own letter to yourself. If you’d like to submit your letter for our project, we would be happy to receive it! Simply click the SUBMIT YOUR LETTER button at the top of the screen.

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash
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