Please Don’t Write A Goodbye Letter To America

I had someone contact me recently after the third presidential debate saying that he was so fed up with politicians telling everyone what we want to hear, not what they really believe.

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With all the campaign rhetoric and mudslinging by all parties involved, my friend suggested that our country was going you know where in a hand basket.  He jokingly (I hope it was jokingly) told me that he wanted to write a goodbye letter to America.  Personally, I both agree and disagree with his sentiments.  But I will support whomever is elected and hope for the best as this country moves forward.  I encouraged my friend to do the same–to help make our country a better place–even if it’s in the smallest way.  It does no good to tear down people.  Which reminds me to remind everyone to take the time to tell someone you love them.  Write them a love letter.  Write them a life letter.  And consider submitting it to our Last Goodbye Letters project!

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