Mother’s Day is coming up… 4 tips on how to write Mom a note that is a gift from the heart.

I wrote my thoughts–not a letter per se– to my Mom several years ago.  I just re-read it and teared up realizing how much my mother means to me.  The note I wrote her was almost as poignant for me years later as it was for her when she first received it as her Mother’s Day gift in 2008.

I thought I’d share just a bit from my letter and give you tips on how to write a note to your mom for Mother’s Day:

1.  Start by describing your mom–her attributes both physical and emotional.  What comes to mind?  For me I think “My mom’s mind is complex.  It is never quiet.  Mom takes on others’ worries as her own because she is a very caring individual.” 

2.  Think of your first memory of your mom and jot it down.

3.  Write down another memory or two.  They don’t have to be in any chronological order.  Sometimes just a detail or two can be powerful.

4. Sit back for a minute and re-read what you wrote.  What do you feel?  Write that down as a close.  I wrote this:  “Mom sees the good in people and small things.  And that’s a gift.”

Your mom may not agree with your assessment of her personality.  She may not remember the memories to which you refer.  But by writing the note, you will share with her how she has impacted you life.

If you would like to share your note to your mom, and have it considered for the book of letters I’m gathering, please CONTACT ME using the LEAVE A MESSAGE tab at the bottom right of this post.  I would appreciate your contribution greatly.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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