Fred Stobaugh writes a poem to his late wife, Sweet Lorraine

By now you may have heard about the sweet story of 96-year-old widower, Fred Stobaugh who wrote a love poem to his wife and sent it into Green Shoe Studio’s contest to become a produced song. When everyone else was sending in their entries via YouTube, Fred’s came by US Postal Service.  But it’s sincerity touched the producers’ hearts and, apparently the hearts of many others.   Today, Fred’s song, Sweet Lorraine, is trending as one of the top downloads on iTunes.

Fred and Lorraine met in 1938 when she was a car hop at the A&W Root Beer stand and their love for each other grew for 75 years until she died this past April.  They had so many happy years together to which the photos Fred likes to show can attest.  And I’m sure that Lorraine knows how much Fred loved her.

Maybe Fred wrote other poems and love notes to Lorraine.  But I’m sad because so many people don’t really tell–tell from the heart–others about the way they feel.  It is often to painful to say in person, so writing can be an option.

This web blog is dedicated to helping others put their words down on paper and delivering the thoughts to the loved one before the person is gone from our lives.  Maybe it’s a move, or a marriage, or a child moving out of the house.  Maybe you are writing a goodbye to the ‘old’ you as you start fresh on a new journey of life.

Please write down your thoughts and give them to your loved one.  It’s good for you and wonderful for them.  If you need help writing your letter, check out my Tips On How To Write Your Own Last Goodbye Letter.

Happy writing.

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