Learn from my friend’s mistakes–he’s trying to!

I have a friend who has told me this story a couple of times:

He has older friends that he thinks he’ll take to lunch, or go visit, or do something fun with, but–although his intensions are good–the time to do these things just never seems to materialize.  He told me recently that it makes him sad because he lets time slip away and then, sadly, the opportunity no longer exists.  He told me that he should learn from his mistakes, but he hasn’t yet.

We have an older friend in common whom he wants to take to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants outside of town.  I’m going to do my best to ‘help him learn from his mistakes’ and set up a time that I will ALSO go with him.  Maybe we’ll break the cycle, as they say.

Make the time to take a coffee break with a friend!
Make the time to take a coffee break with a friend!
Photo courtesy of Frerieke and everystockphoto.com and Flickr.com

I am always advocating writing letters to loved ones to let them know your feelings…it’s healthy for you AND the recipient.  Maybe it’s not always a letter, maybe it’s a visit that will do the trick.

I hope you learn from my friend’s mistakes.  I’ll report back on the lunch visit!

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