I’m happy to report a success!

In my post dated March 14, I reported how my friend felt bad because he kept putting off doing things with friends because ‘there’s always tomorrow,’  and then, sadly, sometimes missed the opportunity.  One such opportunity was to take a dear friend to eat at a favorite restaurant one and-a-half hours from home.  And, guess what?  We did it!

The drive was beautiful, the company was fun and our friend Helen ate at her favorite Mexican restaurant in the state of Arizona!

Steve and I felt happy that we could spend time with our friend and make her day very memorable.  Helen, in turn, was so very thankful that we took time out of our day just for her…  to make her feel special.

That was worth it.

Susan, Helen and Steve at a favorite restaurant.
Susan, Helen and Steve at a favorite restaurant.

Even if Steve DID spill salsa all over our table!  That just made it more memorable!

My gentle suggestion:  Don’t let yourself become too busy to spend time with someone important.  It’s good for the soul!


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