Say goodbye to being bullied

This came my way and, after cleaning up the punctuation and a word or two, I’m posting it for you.  I don’t understand all of it because, apparently, I’m not cool.  But the gist is plain to see for everyone:  Don’t allow yourself to be a target.  Love yourself even if you think no one else does.  You are a person of value.  Let’s say a prayer for all the Angels in the world:

Dear Angel:


It’s time to lace it up dude.  You are cool.  You’re beautiful.  You’re not fat.  You’re not cray cray.  I know you.  You’re clean, chido.  No molly.  No weed.  No more caguamas.


Next time they come at you, turn around dude.  Swerve.  All you need to prove is to yourself.  You don’t need to fight back.  You don’t need to cut to feel anything.  You’re the bigger man dude.


I’m down with you.  And that’s the only thing that matters.  F@*# those other guys. No hay bronca.  Orale!

Photo courtesy of Morgue File-Anita Patterson photographer