Goodbye letter to Robin Williams from a fan

I guess we all grieve in different ways.  This person wrote a letter to Robin Williams whom, I assume, he never met in person.  Writing a letter to someone you don’t know personally didn’t cross my mind before today.  But this letter, hopefully, helped ease the pain in the author’s heart:

Dear Robin:

You made me laugh.  You brought joy into people’s lives. You were so upbeat.  You were a genius.   I’m so sad that you left us.  There was so much more you could give to the world.  I’m so sad to know that that you were sad when all you did was to make others happy.

I’m sending you this letter in my heart.  I wish I sent it to you before you felt like you had nothing left.  You gave so much.  We will miss you.


I encourage you to write a letter to a loved one today!  If you’d like me to share it with others, please send it to me at