Touching Letter From Grandmother With Dementia To Tomás

This letter came in and had to be translated.  I hope the translation does justice to the original sentiment.  It certainly makes me feel the special bond this grandmother and her grandson share and the pain she feels knowing that she has early onset dementia.

Grandmother-Grandson photo courtesy of Serif Salama and
Grandmother-Grandson photo courtesy of Serif Salama and


Mi nieto Tomás,

Mi pequeño niño dulce. My sweet little child.

I am going away. I will still be with you but I won’t know it. And you won’t know the real me because I am going away in my mind. It makes me very sad to know that I won’t be around to watch my little grandson grow up and become a man. It makes me very sad to know that you won’t know the person that I am and you will only remember me as a shell of who I really am.

I love to dance. I love to sing, but even though I can’t sing very well, that doesn’t stop me. I love to work in my garden. Chayote is my favorite, but I like tomatoes and chilies and the smell of the dirt. Do you remember when you were even smaller than you are now when we grew carrots from the tops? Or singing “bate bate chocolate” as we cooked?

Bate bate chocolate,

Con arroz y con tomate

Uno, dos, tres, CHO!

Uno, dos, tres, CO!

Uno, dos, tres, LA!

Uno, dos, tres TE!

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

We had fun together, you and I. Teasing Abuelo when he couldn’t find us playing escondidas. You always make me smile. I know that won’t change.

I know you will grow up to be a good man. Today you are kind and happy and thoughtful. You are gentle with your baby sister. You love your family. Nurture these things and you will live a happy life.

There’s no walking away from destiny and this is mine. Just know I love you with all my heart.