As Our Children Graduate, Now Is The Perfect Time To Write Them A Letter

A lot of young people have just graduated from high school or college and are headed off into the big world–whether it’s on to work or college or the military or marriage and family or other adventures life brings.  But with a wave of wistful nostalgia, many parents think back on their little children astounded that they have grown into amazing young adults so fast.  And while most parents are saddened to see their children fly the nest, we are also happy because that is the way of life.

Photo courtesy of Omar Franco
Photo courtesy of Omar Franco

One such mother shared a letter with me that she wrote to her daughter upon graduation.  The letter itself is beautiful and full of loving detail, but the daughter’s response was sweet as well–giving her mother a hug.  I believe this letter from mother to daughter may have more impact on the child as she grows into a young woman and, perhaps, has children of her own.

And the beauty of a letter is that it can be cherished and re-read over and over finding new meaning and importance in the words as the reader changes with time and experience.

Here is the letter:

My dear daughter:


Words cannot begin to describe how proud I am of you.  When we decided to bring our second child into the world we didn’t do this lightly.  As parents, we want a perfect world for our kids, but know this is not reality.  You have become a very giving, caring, awesome young lady and this world will be so much better off with you in it.  You can make this world a better place!


You have always been brave and a leader.  In preschool, your teacher told me after playtime you had no problem telling the other kids that “This goes here and put that there.”  Your braveness was evident with you never being bashful to ask for things.  For example, when you were three years old at McDonald’s you would go ask the cashier to exchange your toy if it wasn’t the one you had wanted.


I learn from you every day.  I find myself coming to you for advice often, and you always have it!  You are an amazing, caring person who always looks out for the little guy.


College starts in a few months, and it will be an exciting new chapter in your life.  It will be an opportunity to explore who you are and discover what you want to be.  Success is not measured by the money you make but by the goodness you do for others.


Pursue your dreams, look to God for guidance and enjoy life my sweet daughter!


I love you with all my heart,

Love Mom


I hope you feel encouraged to write a letter to your child or loved one.  If you would like to share you letter, please contact us at or click the SUBMIT YOUR LETTER tab above.