Tom Bodett Talks About “Realizing How Much That Letter Changed My Life”

I’m a fan of The Moth Radio Hour.  If you ever have a chance to see a live Moth performance, you should treat yourself.    However, most of the time I only get to listen on the radio.  Today I heard episode 1412 which included a story by humorist Tom Bodett.

In the narrative, Tom talks about a letter his father gave him and how it changed the course of his life.  During The Moth Radio Extra interview in which Producer Maggie Cino discusses the focus of Tom’s story, Mr. Bodett says of the letter, “My dad did this one really important thing for me, and maybe that’s enough.”

Mailbox photo courtesy of Martin Dufort and
Mailbox photo courtesy of Martin Dufort and

I have been encouraging people to write to each other because we never know how our words of kindness, encouragement, revelation, or perspective may change the lives of others.  Our letters do matter.  And they do change lives.  Even if they are only our own.

Go to this link to hear the entire interview, (but please focus on minutes 3-6 where Tom Bodett talks specifically about the letter his dad wrote to him):  Moth Radio Extra: Tom Bodett Full Interview.  To hear the whole story about Tom Bodett’s fears of his father’s judgment of him after being accidentally electrocuted, the letter Tom’s dad wrote to him and the surprise he had reading the content of the letter, please click here:  Tom Bodett – Inside Passage – The Moth Radio Hour.

And, as always, if you need help writing your own letter, click on the tab above: How To Write Your Own Letter.  I am hoping you will send your letter to me to post here and share with others.


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