A Farewell Tribute To A Furry Friend

Sometimes–often times–our best friends are of the non-human variety.  While we love our pets and cherish them during their time with us, many of us realize the enormity of their companionship only after they are gone.  Big or small, four legs or two, furry or feathered or scaled, animals make the world and our lives better simply by being themselves.

One friend of mine expressed her sadness in a poem which she generously allowed me to share with you here:

Little Jasmine

In the blink of an eye, my littlest love is gone and can’t be replaced.
With her white silky hair and picture perfect face,
she tried to teach me that life isn’t a race.

I was so focused on her noise and her constant demands.                                            
Little did I realize how much I’d miss the attention she commands.

A little tiny girl full of life love and play,
She loved her mommy until the end of her day.

I miss your morning kisses and being followed around.
I miss having you as an alarm clock and your watchdog sound.

I miss your excitement while I was making your food. 
I miss being kissed by your tiny face and cute little nose.
It was you that kept me on my toes.

I miss carrying you to bed and finding you on my shoulder in the night.
I didn’t realize how much you were my guiding light.

I wish you were with us, it’s so empty now.
Thank you for the 10 years of being my biggest fan, little baby and pal.

If only I would have focused on appreciating you more.
I wish I could come home and see you waiting by the door.
Jasmine, the little girl that I will always adore.

Write a letter to your loved one–animal or human–and share it.  If you would like to share it with the world, please send it to me and I will post it with your permission.