One letter from a daughter to both parents

I received a contribution letter recently and, as a parent of a daughter myself, I loved reading from a young girl how simply being who we are can make a big difference in someone’s life.  Whether we realize it or not, we are all role models for all the people with whom we come into contact. I hope you enjoy this excerpt as much as I did:

     “…when I need advice for anything, I know where to turn.  You help me handle situations and I know you always have my back.  I can count on you to help me through thick and thin.  Along the years you’ve taught me valuable life lessons that have stuck with me.  You’ve shown me how to be a team player and, by example, you’ve shown me to always reach out to people.  Friends are the greatest gift we can have and we have to be cautious not to lose touch.  You’re very generous and make decisions that come from the heart.

Thank you for everything; all the sacrifices you’ve made and all the promises you’ve kept to get us where we are today.  I love you both so much and I hope this letter sums it all up.”

Keep this as a reminder that your actions speak volumes in ways you are aware of and in ways you are not!




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