One letter from a daughter to both parents

I received a contribution letter recently and, as a parent of a daughter myself, I loved reading from a young girl how simply being who we are can make a big difference in someone’s life.  Whether we realize it or not, we are all role models for all the people with whom we come into […]

Who needs another cookbook?

My first thought when I was inspired to start this project was, “Really?  Who needs another inspirational book?  How is this going to help others?” Then I realized that there are about a billion cookbooks published every year, but apparently foodies still want more.  Even though there are lots of great inspirational books out there, […]

Does a Last Goodbye Letter have to be just a letter?

I don’t think so.  Here’s a “letter” that my daughter wrote to her grandpa as her way of saying “goodbye.”   I’ve gotten some “letters” that are cards, poems and eulogies.  I guess they could be artwork or songs, or I don’t know the limitations. Thank you for sending in your letters.  Thank you for […]

What would Dad say?

I had the nerve, about a month before my dad passed and while he could still somewhat sit up long enough to read e-mail, to tell him about this letters project that he inspired.  I thought I’d share what his response was. “Dear Sue:  Great idea.  I don’t know where you would get the material, […]