Searching For Goodbye Letters For Book

The Arizona Republic helped us get the word out that we are seeking letter submissions for our website and book.  Here is a link to that story:  CLICK HERE FOR STORY  Or, you can read the story below. Spotlight on … Susan Geer Susan Geer of Gilbert has embarked on an ambitious project: She is […]

Writing A Letter Is The Best Gift Of All

My parents had a nice tradition at birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas to not give material gifts–they wrote each other poems  (sometimes accompanied by funny little cartoon drawings).  I realize now that that gift is worth so much because it required time and love–no talent necessary!  And the notes didn’t have to be for a special […]

When Faced With Goodbye, Write A Letter

“One of these days, I’m gonna sit down and write a long letter, to all the good friends I’ve known.” – Neil Young ASU Now featured a story on our letter writing project.  You can read it online here:  CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE STORY Or the entire article is below: After the recent passing of […]

Saying Goodbye, One Letter At A Time

Local woman seeks letters for a book about letting go of a loved one. While planning a trip to Colorado to visit her ailing father last year, Susan Geer had an epiphany. As the realization settled in that the next time she saw him would probably be her last chance to say goodbye, she sat […]

Facebook Live Interview With BBC’s The Why Factor

We are live!   Mike Williams from the BBC’s The Why Factor chatted with Susan Geer who created the Last Goodbye Letters website to help people write their last words or compose inspirational letters to loved ones.                     Listen to the full interview here:       […]

Writing To An Estranged Son

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash To my estranged grown son:
     I’m writing this because we could never have this conversation in person. I just want to let you know how I feel about you and to tell you some of the things that often feel too awkward to say.  I know our […]

A Dying Mother’s Letter To Her Daughters

A friend of mine sent me this link and I wanted to share it with you.  Julie expresses herself so beautifully and with practicality that I find inspiring: Julie Yip-Williams’ Letter To Her Daughters If you want to read more, Julie’s memoir, The Unwinding of the Miracle, is available to read. If you want to […]

Yad Vashem Launches Online Exhibit – Last Letters From The Holocaust: 1944

This website is a historical treasure of letters and photos.  Nothing I can write here will do justice to the emotions this online exhibit creates in the viewer. Last Letters From The Holocaust:  1944   Luigi and Anna Ventura 1927 — Photo from Ya Vashem Document Archive After looking through the exhibit, I feel stronger […]

The Goodbye Letter You Write Can Be Any Length

Photo courtesy of Simeon Muller and Unsplash.

Recently I received a phone call from Jasmen who needed help writing a short “goodbye love letter” on her brother’s gravestone located in another country.  Tragically, he died while he was waiting to come to the United States to be with the rest of his family.  Jasmen wanted something that would give others a sense […]

A Letter’s Purpose Can Be As Simple As “Thank You For Being My Friend”

unsplash-logoClick PhotographyStudio

This letter arrived with no explanation in my IN BOX.  What I took away from reading this is that a letter can heal the writer whether the recipient receives it or not.  Please read on (names have been changed): Dear Sunitha, This is the first letter I can remember writing to you. Obviously, I don’t […]